Welcome to PICCS BY VIC

PICCS BY VIC was founded by Victor Valdez RN CRNI with other medical professionals who understand the demands of the Vascular Access industry and the importance of providing only high value service, quickly! Our organization is solidly based and financially grounded to ensure our clients a continuously consistent level of service excellence.

PICCS BY VIC offers our clients the most professional, most responsive and highest quality Vascular Access Service in the region. By hiring only the most experienced patient focused PICC Line nurses, our clients are assured immediate response time with a 99% success rate and a documented 0% infection rate.

Our Quality Management and Quality Assurance programs are designed to meet the Vascular Access goals of each of our clients. As a result, our comprehensive approach has allowed us to be the preferred PICC line company for hospitals, Nursing and Rehab facilities, Doctors’ Offices and National Pharmaceutical and Infusion Companies.

Bedside PICC line Insertions is Cost Effective and has the highest level of patient satisfaction.

Victor M. Valdez, RN CRNI Founder-Owner, CEO

Chief Clinical Officer
Vascular Access Specialist

“Adversity prepares an ordinary person of Faith for an extraordinary destiny, fear not life’s journey but embrace the challenge for it is your call to Greatness.”


The management and clinical staff of PICCS BY VIC are all determined to provide the highest quality, cost effective, and the most ethical Vascular Access Service in the Industry! Always mindful and grateful for the privilege of serving our clients.

Predictable Positive-Patient Outcomes.

Our Promise and Core Values

We promise to approach each procedure with integrity and the standard of Clinical Excellence.

We promise to use our highly trained staff to ensure predictable Positive Patient Outcomes.

We promise to respect our patients and clients.

We promise to continuously learn and grow as health care professionals.